About Client

Marlboro Retail an Irish owned company based in Cork City with over 100 employees and covers most areas of the Republic of Ireland. They are a large nationwide credit company selling Ladies Fashion/Sports Wear, Nursery, Jewellery, Gents Fashion/Sports Wear, Shoes, Hardware, Household, Electrical and Furniture. They sell direct to their customers in the comfort of their own homes. Their customers have weekly personal contact from a sales representative of the company. Customers are provided with a variety of household goods on interest free credit.

At Glance

  • Customer: Marlboro Trust
  • Industry: Retail
  • Location: Cork, Ireland
  • Challenge: Cyber Security, Mobile Connectivity and Business Continuity
Marlboro Trust’s Challenge

With a commitment to providing exceptional service and customer satisfaction, the management team at Marlboro trust recognised the critical need for a robust and secure IT system. Their existing IT infrastructure was no longer sufficient to meet the demands of a modern, customer-centric business. The key challenges they faced included their system reliability and performance along with their cyber security posture.

VBT’s Solution

Marlboro Trust engaged with VBT to design, deploy and support an advanced IT system that addressed their specific challenges. The solution encompassed the following key components: Two-Node Cluster: Two-node cluster system, provides full system fault tolerance. This setup ensures that if one server experiences issues or failures, the second seamlessly takes over, minimising downtime and maintaining system reliability .Zero Trust Cybersecurity: This approach means that no one, whether inside or outside the network, is trusted by default, and strict access controls and continuous monitoring are in place to protect against cyber threats. Network Redundancy: VBT incorporated network redundancy and failover mechanisms to ensure that Marlboro Trust’s IT systems remain operational even in the event of network disruptions. Data Encryption: To protect sensitive customer information, VBT employed data encryption protocols to secure data both at rest and in transit. Regular Security Audits: VBT instituted a regimen of regular security audits and updates to keep the IT system fortified against emerging threats. A robust backup solution was implemented to ensure the on-premise and offsite backups are taken multiple times daily, encrypted and retained under a GFS scheme that the organisation required.

The Result

The partnership between Marlboro Trust and VBT yielded significant benefits: Enhanced Reliability: The two-node cluster system delivered the desired fault tolerance, ensuring minimal downtime and maximum system reliability. This, in turn, improved customer service and satisfaction. Superior Cybersecurity: The zero-trust cybersecurity posture provided a robust defence against cyber threats. Marlboro Trust’s customer data and financial transactions were safeguarded against potential cybercriminals. Continuous Operations: Thanks to network redundancy and failover mechanisms, Marlboro Trust’s IT systems maintained continuous operations, even during network disruptions. Customer Trust: The company’s commitment to data security and system reliability reinforced customer trust and confidence, contributing to the growth of their customer base. In conclusion, the partnership between Marlboro Trust and VBT resulted in an IT transformation that met the challenges of reliability, fault tolerance, and cybersecurity. The new IT infrastructure enabled Marlboro Trust to deliver a high level of service to their customers while protecting sensitive data, ultimately strengthening their position in the market.



The VBT team’s professionalism and expertise are truly remarkable. They took the time to understand our specific needs and challenges, and then designed a tailored IT solution that not only addressed those issues but also improved our overall operations.

Derek Ray
Senior ICT Manager

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