About Client

Automatic has been providing all aspects of fire protection services across every sector of the economy throughout Ireland since 1981. Wholly Irish-owned and managed and with a staff of over 80, the company is Ireland’s only dedicated fire protection provider & fire engineering company. 

At Glance

  • Customer: Automatic
  • Industry: Fire Protection Services
  • Location: Dublin, Ireland
  • Challenge: Business Continuity and improved systems performance
Automatic’s Challenge

Automatic’s management team recognised the critical importance of investing in their IT infrastructure to ensure business continuity and optimal system performance. With an increasingly digitalised business landscape, they understood that a reliable IT backbone is fundamental for uninterrupted operations. By investing in robust IT systems, the company aimed to minimise downtime, mitigate the risk of system failures, and enhance overall reliability. 

VBT’s Solution

The Automatic management team selected VBT as their IT services partner and based on VBT’s recommendations agreed to deploy a two-node cluster which reflects a strategic move aimed at ensuring full fault tolerance and high availability within their business operations. By opting for a two-node cluster configuration, Automatic aimed to fortify its systems against potential failures, thereby minimising downtime and ensuring uninterrupted service delivery. This strategic investment not only demonstrates a commitment to business continuity but also aligns with Automatic’s  goal of providing seamless and reliable services to its customers. The partnership with VBT and the deployment of a resilient IT architecture underscore Automatic’s  dedication to maintaining a competitive edge through advanced and dependable technological solutions. 

The Result

The strategic collaboration between VBT and Automatic resulted in a resilient IT infrastructure that demonstrated enhanced fault tolerance, minimising the risk of system failures and disruptions. This approach led to increased business continuity, ensuring uninterrupted operations and service delivery.   


Automatic Fire & Integrated Solutions

We are delighted with our partnership with VBT as our IT service partner. Their expertise and sound advice have been instrumental in transforming and strengthening our IT infrastructure.  

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