Cloud Solutions

Microsoft Office 365 Backup

Microsoft does not backup your O365 Mail , SharePoint, One drive or MS Teams data

VBT has selected the award winning “365 Total Backup” from Hornet Security as our preferred O365 backup product.

Benefits & Features of Our Office 365 Backup

Daily backup of entire O365 Account

365 Total backup will back up your entire O365 tenant including staff mail, teams sites, Sharepoint data and chats

Data Retention

365 Total backup provides unlimited data retention

Backup Frquency

Several backups daily ensuring a low recovery point objective (RPO)

Compliance and Legal Requirements

Data stored in EU based data centres.

Data Loss Prevention

Protection against accidental or malicious data deletion, ensuring you can recover critical emails, files, and conversations in case of accidental deletions or data loss.


Safeguarding your data from cyber threats, such as ransomware or data breaches, by having a secure backup copy that is not accessible to unauthorised users.