Cloud Solutions

Managed Offsite Backup/DR

Having a fully managed data backup system is critical for businesses as it ensures the protection, security, and availability of critical data

In VBT we understand this and therefore have partnered Hornet Security to offer our clients best in breed data, virtual server and O365 Backup solutions.

Benefits & Features

Comprehensive Data Protection

VBT’s managed backup solution comes with comprehensive data protection by backing up not only data files but also entire virtual server images. This ensures that your entire system, including applications, configurations, and data, is safeguarded against a range of threats.

Ransomware Recovery

In the event of a ransomware attack, where your data is encrypted and held hostage, having backup images enables you to restore your systems to a pre-attack state quickly. This significantly minimises downtime and eliminates the need to pay ransom demands.

Granular Data Recovery

In addition to full server image recovery, a robust backup service typically offers granular data recovery options. This means you can retrieve individual files or folders, making it easy to recover specific data deleted due to human error or accidental deletion.

Automation and Scheduled Backups

VBT’s Managed backup services provides automation and scheduled backup options, ensuring that your data and server images are consistently and automatically backed up. This eliminates the risk of forgetting to perform backups manually.

Offsite Redundancy

Storing backups offsite provides an extra layer of protection. In the event of a physical disaster affecting your primary location, your data remains safe and accessible, allowing you to restore operations from a remote location.

Disaster Recovery

Whether it’s a bad Windows update, hardware failure, or a natural disaster, the ability to recover virtual server images ensures business continuity. You can restore your systems to a functional state, reducing downtime and potential revenue losses.