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VBT Private Cloud Solutions

VBT specialises in private cloud services which are uniquely positioned to cater to businesses with distinct requirements that may not be fully met by mainstream providers like Microsoft or AWS. Our private cloud solutions provide a niche alternative for organisations seeking greater customisation, security, compliance, and cost control

With our private cloud services, you can enjoy a dedicated cloud environment tailored precisely to your needs, ensuring data sovereignty and compliance with industry-specific regulations. We prioritise personalised support and flexibility, offering a level of attention and customisation that can be challenging to find with larger providers. Our private cloud services are ideal for businesses looking to strike a balance between the scalability and innovation of the cloud while maintaining a higher degree of control and specialised support tailored to their unique business processes.

Benefits & Features

Customisation and Control

VBT’s Private cloud solutions is customised to align with your organisation’s specific requirements. You have more control over the infrastructure, allowing for tailored configurations that meet your business’s exact needs.

Enhanced Security and Compliance

VBT’s Private cloud services offers a higher level of security and compliance customisation. We can implement stringent security measures and ensure data sovereignty, making it suitable for highly regulated industries like healthcare and finance.

Predictable Performance

VBT’s Private cloud service offers guaranteed consistent performance levels. This predictability is vital for businesses with demanding applications or workloads that require stable, low-latency environments.

Isolation and Privacy

Private cloud environments are isolated from other tenants, providing enhanced privacy and reducing the risk of “noisy neighbour” issues that can affect shared public cloud resources.

Predictable Cost

Unlike all mainstream Cloud service providers like Microsoft (Azure) and Amazon (AWS) which charge based on usage, VBT’s private cloud service offers businesses 24/7/365 access to their data and applications for a fixed fee, on a per user per month basis.


While private clouds may not match the scale of public cloud giants like Azure or AWS, they can still be scaled to accommodate growth. MSPs can work with you to expand your private cloud infrastructure as needed.