Cyber Security

EDR Anti Virus Protection

VBT’s EDR (Endpoint Detection and Response) Anti-Virus protection Solution differs from traditional “Legacy” anti-virus protection by offering a more advanced and proactive approach to threat detection and response

Traditional anti-virus solutions primarily rely on known signatures to detect malware, EDR Anti-Virus protection combines real-time monitoring, behavioural analysis, machine learning, and threat intelligence to identify and respond to evolving and sophisticated threats. It provides deeper visibility into endpoint activities, allows for the detection of suspicious behaviour, and enables faster response times and incident investigation. EDR Anti-Virus protection enhances the organisation’s ability to detect and mitigate advanced threats, reducing the potential impact of security breaches and improving overall security posture.

Benefits & Features

Broader Range of detection

Our EDR solution uses a broader range of detection techniques, including behavioural analysis, machine learning, and heuristic analysis. We identify and respond to both known and unknown threats, including zero-day attacks.

Real-Time Monitoring

Our EDR solution provides continuous real-time monitoring of endpoints. We detect suspicious activities, anomalies, and unauthorised behaviour as it happens, allowing for immediate response.

Incident Investigation & Forensics

VBT’s EDR solution offer comprehensive incident investigation and forensics capabilities. We record endpoint activity, allowing security teams to analyse and understand the attack chain, aiding in remediation and future prevention.

Behavioural Analysis

Our EDR solution excel at behavioural analysis. We monitor and analyse the behaviour of processes and applications, making it difficult for malware to evade detection solely by changing its appearance.

Customised Threat Response

VBT’s EDR solution allow for customized responses to threats. VBT’s Security teams define specific actions based on the severity of the threat, including isolating endpoints, blocking network traffic, or rolling back changes.

Detailed Insights

Our EDR solution provides detailed insights into endpoint activities, including threat dashboards, incident reports, and historical data. This visibility aids in proactive threat hunting and policy refinement.