Managed IT Support

We provide our clients with a comprehensive and proactive managed IT contracts, incorporating 24/7 system health monitoring, day to day end user support and on-premise break fix services.


Our Approach

Initial Consultation and Needs Assessment

At VBT, we believe in a comprehensive approach to understanding your business’s unique needs. Our first step is to schedule an initial consultation where we’ll listen to your goals, challenges, and pain points. This consultation helps us gain a deep understanding of your business processes and technology requirements. Following this, we conduct a thorough needs assessment, leveraging our expertise to identify areas where technology can drive efficiency, security, and cost savings for your organisation.

Tailored Solution Proposal

After the needs assessment, our team will craft a tailored IT solution proposal. This proposal outlines a strategic plan that aligns with your business objectives and budgetary constraints. We ensure that our recommendations are scalable, adaptable, and include proactive monitoring and security measures to mitigate risks. This proposal is presented to you for discussion and any necessary adjustments before moving forward.

Seamless Onboarding and Transition

Once you decide to partner with us, our onboarding process is designed to be as seamless as possible. We’ll work closely with your team to develop an onboarding plan that minimises disruption to your operations. Our technicians will handle the installation, configuration, and integration of new systems and services. Continuous communication and monitoring ensure that any issues are promptly addressed, and our service delivery aligns with your evolving needs.