About Client

Dara Community Living provides residential, respite and individually designed services for adults with a disability. Dara Community Living (DCL) consists of a team of over 150 personnel ranging from internal administration to field based carers.

At Glance

  • Customer: Dara Community Living
  • Industry: Healthcare
  • Location: Kildare, Ireland
  • Challenge: Cyber Security and Mobile Connectivity
Dara Community Living’s Challenge

Dara Community Living (DCL) provides an invaluable service to the community and therefore needs to ensure all its admin and field-based staff have fast, secure and reliable access to email and data in order to perform their duties. Due to the sensitive nature of their data it is imperative at access to email, data and devices is strictly managed and monitored.

VBT’s Solution

A new HP server running Microsoft’s latest version of Windows Server was deployed. Utilising Microsoft’s remote desktop services (RDS) vbt deployed a dedicated remote access server to facilitate a secure remote access environment for staff in the field. Leveraging Microsoft’s Business premium plan, we deployed a zero trust posture incorporating Multi-factor authentication, Geo-IP Blocking, Mobile device management , conditional access as well as endpoint hard drive encryption. All network, data, email and device access are strictly monitored and managed ensuring that only authorised DCL staff using authorised devices from approved locations have the ability to access DCL’s data. A robust backup solution was implemented to ensure the on-premise and offsite backups are taken multiple times daily, encrypted and retained under a GFS scheme that the organisation required.

The Result

As a result of this infrastructure overhaul DCL’s management team feel safe in the knowledge that they have taken all reasonable measures to ensure that staff have all the tools they need to perform their duties productively.



I am delighted to share my thoughts on our outstanding partnership with vbt. As The CEO of Community Living, I place the utmost importance on staying current with the rapidly evolving IT and cybersecurity landscape. Our collaboration and experience with vbt have been nothing short of exceptional.

Carol O’Donnell

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