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Mobile device management (MDM)

Mobile Device Management (MDM) is a comprehensive solution that enables organisations to securely manage and control mobile devices, such as smartphones, tablets, and laptops, within their network

MDM allows IT administrators to remotely monitor, configure, and enforce policies on mobile devices, ensuring data security, compliance, and efficient device management.

Benefits & Features

Device Enrolment

MDM facilitates the seamless enrolment of devices into the management system. It supports various enrolment methods, such as manual enrolment by end-users or automated enrolment through Mobile Device Management protocols.

Configuration and Settings Management

MDM enables centralised management of device settings, configurations, and policies. Administrators can push configurations for email, Wi-Fi, VPN, and security settings to ensure consistent and secure device usage.

Application Management

MDM allows administrators to distribute and manage applications across devices. They can remotely install, update, or remove applications, ensuring compliance with software licensing and security requirements.

Security and Compliance

MDM enforces security measures on mobile devices, such as enforcing passcodes, enabling encryption, and remotely wiping devices in case of loss or theft. It also helps organizations achieve compliance by enforcing policies related to data protection, privacy regulations, and access controls.

Content Management

MDM provides secure access and sharing of corporate documents and files on mobile devices. Administrators can implement document-level security and control access to sensitive information.

Monitoring and Reporting

MDM offers monitoring and reporting capabilities to track device usage, compliance status, security incidents, and policy violations. This helps administrators gain insights into device performance and identify potential risks or anomalies.