The days of the traditional set and forget Firewall are quickly coming to an end and have been replaced by the Security as a Service model.

SaaS is a way to deploy enterprise level internet security solutions via a centralised platform to provide your organisation with a number of additional web security features on a subscription basis.

Businesses are facing new cybersecurity threats daily so therefore the cybersecurity landscape is rapidly expanding as IT technology professionals are fending off attacks from all directions.

SaaS will provide you with a significant number of additional internet security features including the following:

  • Web content filtering to protect your network from viruses, ransomware, malicious website, restrict access to certain types of sites on a per user basis, increase employee productivity etc. ….
  • Application Control to ensure that only sanctioned applications are being used on your network keeping inappropriate, unproductive and dangerous applications off your network.
  • Gateway Security uses multi layered threat detection to identify and block malware at the network gateway by using industry leading, high performance scanning of all we traffic;

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