Broadband Now from one Source!


VBT Teams Up With Broadband Provider

As our business evolves, we bring our clients research, trial and then deploy new solutions to make our client’s work more efficient.

VBT has teamed up with a highly rated Broadband provider to ensure we can offer broadband directly to our client base. Your business no longer needs two providers, one for broadband, one for your IT requirements. Businesses want truly seamless solutions. With our new service there no more blaming the router or a firewall when you can’t access your company internet. For true frustration, try ringing your broadband provider, particularly when there’s a general outage.

From our own direct experience, we know they won’t answer the phone, send you to their FAQ page on their website, suggest you contact them through Twitter (X), anything but fix the problem. VBT is your one-stop-shop for everything IT and broadband.